Copper Garage Doors​

Copper Garage Doors​

Our custom built copper garage doors truly are one of a kind. They are all hand made and built to order. With a variety of finish options our copper doors can be used to compliment both modern and rustic styles. We have worked closely with architects, custom home builders, and homeowners perfecting our manufacturing process. If you are considering a copper clad garage door for your home give us a call today. We have a design specialist waiting to help you get started.

Why Copper Garage Doors?​
​When it comes to custom garage doors our copper clad doors take the top spot. A truly unique finish that is sure to stand out. Paired with a limited lifetime parts warranty, the choice is clear.
Copper Garage Door Construction
Our copper garage doors are manufactured using a 27 gauge copper cladding. We both mechanically fasten and chemically bond the copper to a high quality insulated garage door. The result is a one of a kind looking and long lasting quality door.

Copper Garage Door Finish Options

  Natural Copper ("Shiny Penny")

Natural Copper (“Shiny Penny”)


Brown Patina (“Old Penny”)


Tiffany Green Patina


Most commonly our copper doors are installed with a natural finish (“shiny penny”). Over time the copper cladding will naturally patina. It will darken first then eventually start to form a gray/green color patina. This patina forms to protect the coppers surface. This process can take years depending on the climate. If waiting 3-5 years is not an option for you we can accelerate the patina process to gain the brown or green patina in a matter of days instead of years. After the desired color is achieved an acrylic clear coat is applied to stop the patina process and protect the finish from the elements. We can also apply the clear coat to the natural shiny copper to prevent a patina from starting and keep the natural shine. If you have questions or would just like to get some more information on our copper clad garage doors, give us a call today and talk to one of our custom garage door specialists.