Annual Maintenance Checklist for Old Garage Doors

Posted on: May 27th, 2016 by mygaragedoorrepairphoenix 1 Comment

Older garage doors require routine checks and maintenance in order to continue functioning efficiently. But many homeowners are unaware of the factors involved in a garage door repair/maintenance checklist.

The following tips can be helpful in keeping your garage door in great shape, even as it continues to age. An annual inspection, maintenance, and repair routine are all necessary for old garage doors to work properly.


1. Inspecting the garage door system
Homeowners should check all sections of the door for damage. This is important so the joints in between the sections can close for it to be weather-tight.

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The spring system also needs to be inspected on a regular basis. The springs should not be broken or excessively rusted. Be extra cautious if you’re trying to repair them on your own. To avoid risk of injury or further damage to the springs, you should call a professional garage door repair service if you suspect they need to be changed. Always inspect both springs, and look for signs of rust, fragility, and wear and tear.

The door’s hinges should not bend or twist, and the screws must always be properly tightened. Make sure the rollers are not worn out or broken, and the lifting cables are not frayed. The cables need to wind properly around the spool (at the vertical track’s top).

Always manually lift the garage door when undertaking a maintenance inspection. This ensures that the overall lifting system is working properly.

2. Maintenance for old wooden garage doors
As far as wooden garage doors are concerned, the maintenance approach is slightly different from that of metal doors. If damaged, they can easily be repaired and brought back to life with some professional help.

It is possible to scrape off old paint and apply a new color. This simple change will literally make your property come alive. Homeowners also need to replace rotten wood and paint the door with a fresh coat after every few years to keep it aesthetically appealing.

3. Door balance


Inspecting the balance of your old wooden garage door on a regular basis is crucial.
You must shut the garage door and disconnect it from the door opener. Open and close the door manually to make sure it is operating smoothly. Lubricate the springs or rollers to help in the opening/closing of the door. After opening the garage door halfway, simply let it go. The door should neither rise nor fall if it is properly balanced.

These are some of the basic steps for checking the health of your old garage door, and should be a part of your annual inspection checklist!